Africa Steward Leader Initiative

The Africa Steward Leader Initiative is an exciting effort to bring the teaching of The Steward’s Journey to the continent of Africa.

In the past few years we have presented training on Steward Leadership, along with the principles of resource development and ministry sustainability, to some 600 participants, at 30 seminars in 13 African Countries.

Why is this teaching in so much demand?

  • As of 2018, the African continent now has the largest Christian population of any continent in the world.
  • The African church is beginning to mobilize for significant involvement in global mission outreach.
  • More intensive ministry and mission outreach by Africans has spawned a new generation of indigenous church and para-church organizations.
  • These ministry organizations are highlighting the huge demand for qualified and trained African leaders.
  • Despite many available leadership training courses and seminars, Africans do not always find them particularly helpful due to their strong Western cultural orientation.
  • In contrast, Steward Leader training has a track record of communicating cross-culturally successfully as well as meeting the perceived need for leadership training in Africa.

What we want to do next:

The Steward’s Journey is committed to a two-year focus of preparing a new generation of African Steward Leader Coaches who will be able to carry this training onward into the future. To do this, we have set the following goals:

  • Conduct three Steward Leader Coach training events per year over the next two years.
  • Complete the production of a basic African Steward Leader Manual/Guidebook that will be printed, translated, and distributed. This resource will help in both training Steward Leader Coaches as well as give them a basis for their own future trainings with others.
  • Complete a series of seven video testimonials by key African men and women that can be incorporated in all future training venues.

How can you help?

PRAY for the Africa Steward Leader Initiative during this important two-years emphasis. We will present regular prayer updates on this website.

PARTNER with us by investing in one or more of the following ways:

  • Help to cover the remaining costs of producing, printing and translating the Africa Steward Leader Manual/Guidebook ($25,000)
  • Video production of seven testimonials by African leaders to, eventually, be incorporated into all Africa Steward Leader training ($4,500)
  • Sponsoring the training and mentoring for 20 African leaders in becoming a Certified Steward Leader Coach ($3,000 per Coach will cover round-trip transportation from his/her home country, accommodations and all materials during their training course)

Implementing the Initiative:

Jon Lewis will direct the Steward’s Journey activity in Africa along with supplying the initial training. A veteran international leader with more than forty-three years of ministry experience specifically in Africa. Jon has seen the impact of this training in the lives of African men and women wanting to become effective leaders.

His primary focus during this two-year period will be the identification and training of Steward Leader Coaches who are committed to carry on the formation of God’s Faithful Stewards across the continent of Africa.