Africa Steward Leader Initiative

The Africa Steward Leader Initiative is an exciting effort to bring the teaching of the Faithful Steward to the continent of Africa.

In the next few years we hope to have: 

  • 1 Course on becoming a Faithful Steward specifically designed for an African context
  • 3 Translations that make it accessible across all of Africa
  • 7 Video Testimonials by Africans sharing personal stewardship experience
  • 12 Two-day Workshops held in at least nine different African countries
  • 20 Certified Steward Leader Coaches equipped as trainers of trainers
  • 300+ African Church and Ministry Leaders living as God’s Faithful Stewards

With the overall goals being: 

  • An intentional focus that will enable men and women to learn about and live out what it means to be God’s Faithful Steward within the challenges of an African context.
  • A three-year continent-wide initiative led by Jon Lewis in association with Dr. Scott Rodin and the The Stewards Journey ministry.
  • A carefully planned transfer of steward theology, practical wisdom, and teaching methods that will enable local leaders to carry on the transforming power of stewardship teaching in the African Church for decades to come.

You can help make it happen

PRAY once a week for the next three years for the African Steward Leadership Initiative. A monthly prayer guide will be available.

PARTNER by investing in one or more of the following:

  • One-time cost to produce/translate the Africa Steward Leader manual and accompanying videos–$45,300
  • Sponsorship a Faithful Steward Workshop with thirty African leaders and laypeople per event–$6,140*
  • Training and mentoring for an African leader in becoming a Certified Steward Leader Coach–$4,000*
  • The cost of one participant at a two-day Steward Leader Workshop–$245*

* Note: these figures include all travel, accommodation, and administrative costs


Africa as a continent has suffered from bondage to worldview perspectives rooted in historic tribalism on one hand and a crippling dependency on the West on the other. These perspectives have deeply impacted the way African leaders manage everything from nations, companies, and ministries to their own marriages. In this challenging context, the work of training Steward Leaders is experiencing significant success in transforming African leadership toward more biblical and fruitful patterns. The African Steward Leader Initiative is a bold and exciting three-year initiative to equip and raise up a new kind of leader; one who embraces a theology of stewardship, reshapes their leadership approach, and guides others within their churches and ministries to become more faithful stewards.

The Problem

Since the beginning of the new century, Africa has been emerging as a global player in everything from commerce to mission outreach. But plaguing that progress are worldview perspectives that have inhibited the success of African leaders—from presidents of nations to pastors of churches and even parents of children. Some of those perspectives come from centuries of tradition in tribal-oriented societies where the chief is venerated and allowed absolute power, and tribal favoritism dominates relationship with all other tribes. Many Africans themselves acknowledge the impact of this cultural influence and lament how it has produced a marked dysfunction especially in leadership positions of churches and ministries. All of this has produced a seedbed for such heresy as the Prosperity Gospel as well as directly impacting the healthy mentoring of the next generation of African ministry leaders.

Equally debilitating has been the legacy of dependence on Western resources, a direct result of past colonialism. Africans have long been taught, even by well-intentioned Western Christians, that they must rely on outside help to receive the necessary training to accomplish their objectives. Equally unfortunate has been the resulting dynamic of certain African leaders learning how to “work the system” and personally benefit from the aid industry, generating a temptation toward corruption.


The fundamentals of steward theology speak directly to the dilemmas brought on by these problematic worldviews. Helping African leaders learn how to be faithful stewards themselves, lead their ministries and organizations with a steward mentality and guide others toward a life journey of stewardship has already proven to have transforming power. Using existing material developed by The Steward’s Journey, workshops in various parts of Africa, including the Anglophone, Francophone, and Lusophone (Portuguese) parts of Africa have resulted in amazing accounts from African leaders who find the teaching remarkably relevant to their personal situations.

As a result, The Steward’s Journey is proposing to launch the Africa Steward Leader Initiative (ASLI), which will bring this training across the African continent and, most importantly, raise up a cadre of African leaders themselves who will carry on the training indefinitely into the future.