A Most Amazing Prayer Meeting

By Dr. Scott Rodin | There are no caveats to this call and command to pray. You don’t get a ‘pass’ once you enter politics or reach some level of power or authority. In fact, the more power and authority we are given, the more critical our prayer life becomes.

Our Sanitized Jesus

By Dr. Scott Rodin | If we are to be stewards of the word of God, can we continue to be ashamed of some of Jesus's teachings in the midst of this adulterous and sinful generation?


Where Does the Line Pass for You?

By Dr. Scott Rodin | By seeing others as ‘the problem’ we exonerate ourselves from the requirement to change if the problem is to be solved. In our self-assurance we believe there is nothing required of us. We have it right. We are the solution. We have it figured out.


Envisioning a New Way to be the Church: A Proposal

By Dr. Scott Rodin | I'd like to propose a new way of considering what it means to make disciples, share the gospel, and serve our neighbors as a local church.


Stewards of the Despised

By Dr. Scott Rodin | Each of you should use whatever gift you have received to serve others, as faithful stewards of God’s grace in its various forms. 1 Peter 4:10


Serenity Now

By Dr. Scott Rodin | Let me start this blog with a confession. I am writing this as much to myself as to you. I am struggling to find God’s promised “peace that passes all understanding.” I am fighting a spirit of discouragement over the affairs of our world. I am trying to find my place, my voice, and my role in the cultural collapse we are witnessing.


Will You Leave, Too?

By Dr. Scott Rodin | There is a familiar ring to the tension in the story in John 6. In what seemed like a flash, there was division, confusion, polarization and betrayal. Everything began falling apart. What happened? Jesus proclaimed the values of the kingdom of God in harsh, stark, unambiguous terms.


Naming the Source of our Racism and Finding the Freedom to Overcome It

By Dr. Scott Rodin | At the core of the spiritual problem of racism is our misplaced identity and our desire to be the lord of our Self.


The One Word We So Desperately Need Today

By Dr. Scott Rodin | I have been struggling to determine what, if anything, I can say to my readers in the shadow of these headlines. What word could help us better understand these times and our place, role and response in their midst?


What Pontius Pilate Can Teach us About Living in the Era of Coronavirus

By Dr. Scott Rodin | Jesus is surrounded by all the might that the world can muster; a kingdom of social power overlaid by a kingdom of military and political power. And what of this scourged and pitiable man caught in the middle?