We Only Have Enough If…

By Dr. Scott Rodin | Five closing thoughts to wrap up our series on ‘enough’

Leaving the Shore

By Kelsey McFaul | Daisy Lau reflects on ownership transformative intimacy of stewardship


Grounds for Contentment

By Guest | How to cultivate and nurture your spiritual “soil”

Question and Answer with Chinese Steward Leaders

By Kelsey McFaul | These interviews were conducted in 2017 in China as part of The Steward’s Journey project to engage the growing community of Chinese Christians with the biblical teaching on stewardship.


Enough Hope

By Dr. Scott Rodin | Understanding the hope that will not fail us


Enough – The Heart of the Battle

By Dr. Scott Rodin | How to fight against envy and jealousy

“This Changes Everything”

By Kelsey McFaul | Jon Lewis on transformative stewardship in African missions, leadership, and faith


Enough! – The Power of the Idea

By Dr. Scott Rodin | Defining enough by how you define success

Slow Down

By Kelsey McFaul | Rhoda Lyn Dayo on God’s timing and ownership at Frontline Christian Academy, Philippines


Enough – Beating Your ‘And’ Disease

By Dr. Scott Rodin | Start each day with an empty glass