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When our Reputation Becomes a Stumbling Block

By Dr. Scott Rodin | Here’s the hard truth: caring too much about our reputation as leaders is absolute bondage.

The Three-Question Challenge

By Dr. Scott Rodin | I’ve always been challenged by the stark, jarring dialogue in the story of Jesus’ temptation in the wilderness. Imagine, Jesus and the Devil face to face in verbal combat! I was reading through it again recently when, for the first time, I considered the content ... read on

Deep Peace

By Dr. Scott Rodin | For the past year or so I have signed of f on emails and letters with the words, ‘Deep Peace’. The phrase comes from The Four Gifts of the King. Here are two excerpts. Zedekai rode close to Steward. “Tell me, Warrior Steward, what do ... read on


Living ‘Well Pleased’

By Dr. Scott Rodin | Last week I challenged us to live 2019 under our Father’s pronouncement that we are His beloved child, and in us He is ‘well pleased.’ I posited that this is a healthier spiritual pursuit than seeking to earn God’s accolade of ‘well done, good and ... read on

Nine Disciplines of a Steward Leader (Part II)

By Dr. Scott Rodin | Become the Leader God Called You to Be. (Disciplines 3&4)

Nine Disciplines of a Steward Leader (Part I)

By Dr. Scott Rodin | Become the Leader God Called You to Be. (Disciplines 1&2)

Do you Love Yourself? Stewardship in Emerging Economies

By Dr. Scott Rodin | By: Barbara Shantz, TWR’s Global Development Liaison: Texts: Matthew 22:35-40; Luke 18: 18-27 When speaking about stewardship in emerging nations, I’m often puzzled to observe local believers who trust that believers from the West have correct biblical answers for most things, including money. Worse ... read on

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