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No Regrets

By Kelsey McFaul | Missionary doctor Rick Sacra on the stewardship of vocation, platform, and life itself


Living with the End in Mind: Part One

By Kelsey McFaul | Consulting CEO Mark L. Vincent on the intersection of professional and personal stewardship


Flying Free

By Kelsey McFaul | CF Foundation’s Preston Campbell on unexpected plans and the freedom of surrender


Blessed to Be a Blessing

By Kelsey McFaul | How a maximum security prison becomes the site for economic, social, and spiritual capital creation


Holding Each Other by the Hand

By Kelsey McFaul | Zenet Maramara walks the steward’s path at Asian Theological Seminary


A Leader’s Greatest Challenge

By Dr. Scott Rodin | Understanding the number one reason why Christian leaders struggle and fail


Loads of Trust

By Kelsey McFaul | Tom Walrath, Jr. on the power of trust and doing the right thing in the trucking industry


Stewarding Abundance

By Kelsey McFaul | Kendra VanderMeulen on learning God’s heart for high-capacity givers


Faithfulness for this Moment

By Kelsey McFaul | Tami Heim, CEO of Christian Leadership Alliance, on the power of surrender and self-care


I’m Not the Hero of My Story

By Kelsey McFaul | Medical doctor Preston Campbell on the effort to cure cystic fibrosis and empowering others

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