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Discerning the Times

By Dr. Scott Rodin | A surprising outcome to my search for relevance


Are We Raking Leaves Before the Hurricane?

By Dr. Scott Rodin | Share your thoughts and let’s learn together


Why Do You Follow Jesus?

By Dr. Scott Rodin | Two challenges we face when answering this question

Reality, Truth and the Leadership Journey

By Dr. Scott Rodin | Deciding between freedom and truth


Who (or What) Defines Who You Are?

By Dr. Scott Rodin | Reflecting the image of God alone


The One Disconnect That Can Set You Free

By Dr. Scott Rodin | Resisting the drive for more


Do You Know the Difference Between Blessings and Chains?

By Dr. Scott Rodin | Discerning a burden from a gift


Do You Really Want to Know How to Live God’s Way?

By Dr. Scott Rodin | A lesson in relying on God’s faithfulness not our own abilities


Remember the Pivot Points in Your Journey of Faith

By Dr. Scott Rodin | Three suggestions for your personal story line


Personal Reflections on a Writing Journey

By Dr. Scott Rodin | God is as big as any project He may lay on your heart

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