The Three Question Challenge

By Dr. Scott Rodin | Two Kingdom Questions. One Kingdom Answers.

Going Nowhere…Successfully

By Dr. Scott Rodin | Stewarding our time in the holding pattern.

Anchoring Your Year in the Truth

By Dr. Scott Rodin | A Challenge for 2022


The Launch Of The Steward Declaration

By Dr. Scott Rodin | Your Invitation To Take A Stand.


Kingdom Calling

By Dr. Scott Rodin | “Your kingdom come, your will be done, on Earth as it is in Heaven.”


Which Kind of Time Dominates Your Life?

By Dr. Scott Rodin | Time is one of the greatest gifts God has given us. We must fight the temptation to act like we own it.


In The Face Of Darkness, It’s Time To Sing

By Dr. Scott Rodin | What you can learn from your favorite Christmas carols.


It’s Time We Told the Truth About Christmas…

By Dr. Scott Rodin | Christmas poses a fundamental problem for followers of Jesus in 2021…


Stewarding Christmas

By Dr. Scott Rodin | How To Avoid The Three Christmas Traps.


The Stuff and Soul Tension of Christmas

By The Steward's Journey | How are you going to deal with the tension of earthly stuff and your eternal soul this Christmas?