Stewarding the Death that Sets us Free

By Dr. Scott Rodin | Are you ready to die to self so you may follow the Master?


What is Steward Leadership: An Interview with Professor Gerdes

By The Steward's Journey | We have something exciting to share with you! Dr. Scott Rodin had the opportunity to be interviewed by Professor Darin Gerdes of The Leadersmith Podcast. In the first of two installments, Dr. Rodin provides an in-depth description of steward leadership. Sharing insights from his own ... read on

Naming the Lie in a Naked World

By Dr. Scott Rodin | The Emperor has no clothes…what do you say?

Stewarding our Health Faithfully in an Age of Denial and Fear

By Dr. Scott Rodin | Our health and the way we care for it is a stewardship issue.


Stewarding our Knowledge of the Heart of God

By Dr. Scott Rodin | Do we know God or do we just know about Him?


Stewarding a Course Through a Crisis of Confidence

By Dr. Scott Rodin | How do we, as the faithful people of God, navigate our way through a crisis of confidence?

Stewarding the Space Between Contentment and Sorrow

By Dr. Scott Rodin | Can we be content but not happy?


Finding Jesus In Unexpected Places

By Dr. Scott Rodin | Three lessons on stewardship from John 21.

Stewarding the Wonder that Stirs the Heart

By Dr. Scott Rodin | How do we steward the gift of wonder?