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Raindrops Not Tidal Waves: A Vision for the Future of America

By Dr. Scott Rodin | What is the path we need to take to get our country out of this mess?


Facing Dangers on All Sides

By Dr. Scott Rodin | What does it mean to stand with Jesus in our day?

A Simple Question in a Complicated Age

By Dr. Scott Rodin | This is my final blog for 2020. What can we say about it all?

Is ‘Thanksgiving 2020’ an Oxymoron?

By Dr. Scott Rodin | How do we celebrate a holiday that focuses on being thankful in a time like this? There seems to be so much to be unthankful for. Give thanks in 2020?

Going ‘All In’ – My Election Response

By Dr. Scott Rodin | In my blog today, I want to ask how we, as followers of Jesus, will respond to the results of the election.

The Ownership of Faith and the Silencing of the Church

By Dr. Scott Rodin | Imagine you’re sitting at the end of a dock with a close friend. You know he can’t swim. He turns to you and says, “I think I’ll jump in.”

Our Sanitized Jesus

By Dr. Scott Rodin | If we are to be stewards of the word of God, can we continue to be ashamed of some of Jesus's teachings in the midst of this adulterous and sinful generation?


Where Does the Line Pass for You?

By Dr. Scott Rodin | By seeing others as ‘the problem’ we exonerate ourselves from the requirement to change if the problem is to be solved. In our self-assurance we believe there is nothing required of us. We have it right. We are the solution. We have it figured out.


Naming the Source of our Racism and Finding the Freedom to Overcome It

By Dr. Scott Rodin | At the core of the spiritual problem of racism is our misplaced identity and our desire to be the lord of our Self.


The One Word We So Desperately Need Today

By Dr. Scott Rodin | I have been struggling to determine what, if anything, I can say to my readers in the shadow of these headlines. What word could help us better understand these times and our place, role and response in their midst?

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