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Living ‘Well Pleased’

By Dr. Scott Rodin | Last week I challenged us to live 2019 under our Father’s pronouncement that we are His beloved child, and in us He is ‘well pleased.’ I posited that this is a healthier spiritual pursuit than seeking to earn God’s accolade of ‘well done, good and ... read on


A 2019 Change of Perspective that Changes Everything

By Dr. Scott Rodin | One of the most impactful realizations of my life.


Three Steps in Creating Your “To-Be” List

By Dr. Scott Rodin | How to switch your focus from “doing” to “being”

Stewarding the Future

By Kelsey McFaul | Christian Camp ED on the myth of urgency and power of meaningful work


Leaders at the Forbidden Tree

By Dr. Scott Rodin | Three Temptations That Every Leader Must Overcome

“Opportunities Abound”

By Kelsey McFaul | Michael Chan on stewarding opportunity in Hong Kong

Reality, Truth and the Leadership Journey

By Dr. Scott Rodin | Deciding between freedom and truth

Question and Answer with Chinese Steward Leaders

By Kelsey McFaul | An owner leader vs. a steward leader


Who (or What) Defines Who You Are?

By Dr. Scott Rodin | Reflecting the image of God alone

Question and Answer with Chinese Steward Leaders

By Kelsey McFaul | Engaging Chinese Christians with the biblical teaching on stewardship

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