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Leading from the Overflow: Is Your Cup Full?

By Dr. Scott Rodin | Linda and I bought 11 beautiful acres just north of Spokane upon which we plan to build our ‘empty nesters’ house. Our latest challenge is the well.


Three Ways your ‘Quiet Time’ Can Hurt More Than Help

By Dr. Scott Rodin | LAre you struggling regarding your quiet time? How can you continue to pursue a quiet time with God but avoid the discouragement when you fail?


Want to Change the World? Start Here!

By Dr. Scott Rodin | Jesus minces no words. He sets up our love and devotion to money as a rival deity.


Two Ways Your Work Is Transformed into Worship

By Dr. Scott Rodin | We were created for work, and when we do it for God’s glory, our work is an act of worship. God loves to bless the work of our hands.


The Strange (and Christ-like) Response to Crisis

By Dr. Scott Rodin | Think back to the last time you faced a significant, critical need with woefully inadequate resources to meet it, when you had to accomplish something great and your assets to achieve it were meager. What was your response?


Five Ways to Experience Restoration, Healing and Hope in a Broken World

By Dr. Scott Rodin | In this fourth week, we will take an honest look at the temptation to treat people as means to our own ends. As you walk through your day, who’s agenda drives your actions – yours or God’s?


Five Ways to Experience Restoration, Healing and Hope in a Broken World

By Dr. Scott Rodin | This is our second week looking at how we as stewards live and thrive in the unprecedented times in which we live.


Get It, Regardless of the Cost

By Dr. Scott Rodin | Solomon has a command for us. He declares it in no uncertain terms. Get wisdom, get understanding; do not forget my words or turn away from them. Do not forsake wisdom, and she will protect you; love her, and she will watch over you. The ... read on

Deep Peace

By Dr. Scott Rodin | For the past year or so I have signed of f on emails and letters with the words, ‘Deep Peace’. The phrase comes from The Four Gifts of the King. Here are two excerpts. Zedekai rode close to Steward. “Tell me, Warrior Steward, what do ... read on


A 2019 Change of Perspective that Changes Everything

By Dr. Scott Rodin | One of the most impactful realizations of my life.

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